You can still dial 2-1-1 with no area code!

26 Feb

Call 2-1-1 free anytime for information about community and government services, either to get help or give help. Speak to a professional call specialist trained to help find the appropriate resource for you & your family. Or visit to search the free database of hundreds of local services.

Athens County, Ohio EMA

740 220 Area Code

Everyone in the 740 area code, which includes more than 30 counties in central and southeastern Ohio, will have to start dialing the area code + phone number for all calls starting March 21, 2015. Callers have been able to use 10 digit or 7 digit telephone numbers since September 2014.

Why is this change necessary? The North American Numbering Plan Administrator, which distributes area codes across the United States, informed PUCO that the 740 area code would run out by mid-2015.

The Public Utilities Commission of Ohio worked out an overlay area code of 220 to address the problem. Everyone must dial 10 digits for local calls but only new customers would be assigned the new area code, 220.

In addition to dialing the area code + phone number for all calls, you should also complete the following items:

  • Update any preprogrammed 7-digit phone numbers in your mobile device…

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