November 3-5 – Cat’s Pajamas Clothing Exchange

2 Nov


Cat’s Pajamas Clothing Exchange: A benefit for ARTS/West

Thursday, November 3, 2016:  6 pm-8 pm (ARTS/West members’ night)

Friday, November 4, 2016:  5 pm-8 pm

Saturday, November 5, 2016:  10 am-6 pm

ARTS/West 132 West State Athens, Ohio

How it works:

Now through November 3, bring unwanted clothes to ARTS/West during business hours to receive a golden ticket that allows you to take unlimited items on the exchange days. A massive amount of clothing will be available during the exchange. If you bring clothes on the exchange days, you will get a regular ticket, and you may take as many items as you brought, additional items $1. Thursday, November 3 is ARTS/West members’ night, which is open to all current or new ARTS/West members, with a $15 entry.
Entry is $15 on Friday, November 4, and $10 on November 5. Once entry is paid, you may return to the event as many times as you want. (entry only paid once.) Free for children 12 and under!

Call ARTS/West Phone at 740-592-4315   Monday-Thursday   10am-4pm
*Please note hours often extended for evening activities, call for additional hours

For more information, or to volunteer:
Emily Beveridge


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